Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Email Me!

While this is the most public blog ever (did you want my full name, where I live, and what I look like? Ok done), I've been hesitant to share my email address. Why? Because I live in fear of spam.

Email spam. It's different.

I already get so much junk mail from my combined gmail/UMDNJ account that I don't think I can handle more of it. Well, problem solved. I now have an email address devoted solely to this blog.

So, if you have something you want to tell me that you don't want to make so public by leaving it in a comment, you can now email it to me!

Or in my Blogger profile, click the link on the left that says "Email" under "Contact."

note: for those of you who already know my gmail/UMDNJ emails - obviously I know you're not sending me spam. Keep emailing me as you regularly do.

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