Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We may not get sick days, and we may not get Columbus day, but we get A WHOLE WEEK OFF FOR THANKSGIVING!  I didn't even get that in college!

Here is how I am spending it:

That's right.  As a big, useless pile of jelly.  Doing nothing.  Relaxing.  Sleeping.

(Also getting all my yearly doctors' appointments done, running all the errands I've been putting off for ages, seeing my out of town friends who are back home for the week, celebrating a birthday or two, maybe finally cleaning my apartment floors.  But mooostly as a big, useless pile of jelly doing nothing.)

Happy Turkey Day everyone!  Have a happy, healthy holiday! 

I'm sorry, I can't help myself, here's a fun holiday timeline:
  • 1863: Abe Lincoln makes Thanksgiving a national holiday to be celebrated on the last Thursday of November to help unify the country (this is wiiiidely believed to be the primary event leading to the end of the Civil War).
  • 1939: FDR changes it to the second-to-last Thursday to lengthen the Christmas shopping season to help spur the economy.  People flip out, and only half the country listens.  And then there's Texas, who celebrated on the second-to-last AND the last Thursday, because YOLO, right?
  • 1942: Congress passes a law (well, in 1941, but it took effect in '42) officially making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday of November, which is sometimes the last and sometimes the second-to-last Thursday.  This law is also remembered fondly as the last time Congress was ever able to broker a compromise.

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