Thursday, May 9, 2013

Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement for residency applications is not that fun, even for someone who loves to write as much as I do.  A friend of mine brought up an excellent point about it.  "For the love of God.  I want to be a [insert specialty here].  Why do I need to write an essay about it?  Doesn't my thousands of dollars of tuition loans speak for themselves?"

And seriously.  A one page essay talking about why we want to be a doctor?  We just finished medical school and we're now applying to residency... what else would we want to do?  Who is out there that doesn't believe us?  (And for those smarties out there going into pharmaceuticals or consulting or something, they wouldn't be writing this essay in the first place because they're not applying to residency!)  Am I wrong?

[Note: Residency directors, don't read this post!  But if you already did... I really really really want to be a doctor, pretty please with a cherry on top.]

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