Thursday, September 12, 2013


It took me awhile to see it, but I truly love being in University Hospital in Newark.  After spending so much time here over the past four years, I've realized it's started to feel like home.  I only recognize how comfortable I am here when I rotate at other hospitals.  There's a learning curve at every new hospital - the computer system, where everything is, the people.  Sometimes I spend a month at other hospitals and am in awe at how luxurious it feels - you mean you just order a lab and it automatically gets done?  Free lunch every day (ok, that only happened for me once)?  Carpeting in the hallways?  But I've just never been able to feel as comfortable at another hospital as I do at UH, no matter how amazing other hospital experiences have been (and I have had really fantastic experiences all over the place).

It's like vacation.  I love going away and staying in a hotel - who doesn't?  I mean, how great can it get - someone cleans up after you every single day, you could (probably?) drown in the fluffiness of the comforter, breakfast is included and set out for you each morning.  But no matter how luxurious my vacation may feel, I'm always ready to come home at the end.  There's just something so much more comfortable about sleeping in your own bed, perusing your own refrigerator (even if you know it's empty since you haven't gone food shopping), using your own bathroom products.

At UH, I love being able to wave hello to everyone in the hallways because I know the attendings and the security guards and the nurses and the other students.  I like being able to volunteer to run things down to the lab because I actually know where the lab is.  I like knowing that no matter what time of day I'm in the cafeteria, I'll be able to find someone to sit with.

(cheesy, but oh so true)

Maybe I'm just getting nostalgic because I can finally count the months left of medical school on my fingers.  Or maybe it's a little sad that I can describe a hospital as home.  And I know if I spend as much time in another hospital system, I'll get equally attached.  But whether I end up here for residency, or a program close by, or a program far away, I'll always think of University Hospital as my first "home" of my medical career.


  1. Even though third year just started I feel the same way. I LOVED my floor month at UH and I love having rotations here and knowing the people and where to go/how to do things. I hope that doesn't change as third year goes on! Good luck with applying and interviews <3

  2. Enjoy the last days in med school. Now I graduated and had a gap I know I should have appreciated the familiarity more. Good luck on the interview trail, Il soon be joining you!