Tuesday, September 20, 2011


For once, we didn't have lectures or any work to do after our exam yesterday which meant we could actually enjoy the afternoon without overwhelming feelings of guilt.

A few of us went to Jersey City for lunch and to see one of our friend's new apartment.  But while we were enjoying a guilt-free beer with our sandwiches and spicy french fries (yum!), I couldn't help wondering what everyone else in the restaurant does that they can sit and have leisurely drinks at 2pm on a Monday afternoon.  Students also?  Homemakers?  Work at night?  Work Tues-Sat?  My curiosity will always go unsatisfied because I think it's probably considered unmannerly to ask random people sitting near you what they do for a living and how they can possibly be doing what they're doing.

A definite perk of being in school, though, is that the day is pretty much yours if you want it - like today I made an appointment at the genius bar at the Mac store and every single time slot I wanted was open because how many people are going to the mall in the middle of a weekday?  I made the mistake of going to Shop-Rite last Sunday morning and it was craaaazy.  I realized I have to take advantage of being in school and do things like grocery shopping on weekdays, when normal people are at work making money.

I'll be in bed talking to my friends on gchat who are already at their offices, and in that moment I'm thinking I have the better life because it's 10:00 and I'm still in my pajamas.  But come 5 or 6pm when they sign off gchat, they're done for the night.  I'll still be on the computer for another 5 hours trying to figure out which bacteria are oxidase positive and Gram negative and show up pink on MacConkey agar but green on Hektoen plates (potentially still in my pajamas).

Pros and cons to everything.

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