Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Procrastination Part II

Exam is over - hurray! But I'm still here, procrastinating. Cue reader question: What could I possible have to do just a few hours after an exam?

Well, since you ask, I'll tell you.

#1 - Because our professors pushed our exam to today instead of yesterday (I guess the Tuesday after spring break is better than the Monday, right?), we had our first lecture for the next unit immediately following the exam (literally, immediately - ok not literally, we did have a 10 minute break). So in case you were worried that I might have a single afternoon free from studying (or guilt about not studying) - worry no more, that problem is solved.

#2 - I really, really, REALLY need to clean my room. Don't believe me? Here's a picture I just took of the floor next to my bed.

It's like a game from Highlights magazine. See if you can find:

-bathing suit
-sneakers from that one time last week I thought maybe I would go to the gym
-physio book for easy access
-printer paper for practice problems
-tuning fork (I have absolutely no idea why it is in such a prominent location in the middle of my floor)
-a regular old book for pleasure which I somehow thought I would have time to read during school which I always take out to read, and which always ends up on the floor instead
-all the various clothes that I've worn for the past week (bonus points if you find the purple sock!) that have now taken up what looks like permanent residence on my floor.

But hey, why clean your dirty room when you can just take a picture of it and post it on the internet for the whole world to see what a slob you are??

#3 - I should probably be out doing something fun since we did just finish an exam after all. I was totally called out on today for not having enough "class love" because I'm not going out with people to Hoboken tonight. For those in my class that actually read this, I DO love you (especially because you read my blog). But this week happens to bring me visitors from faraway exotic lands (China and St. Louis), and post-exam revelries this time around belong to them. Next exam, Hoboken I promise!

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