Monday, April 29, 2013

Beer Potomania!

Guyssssss, who's coming to this awesome fun event with me?!??!?

Coming Summer 2013 to an open field outside of a city near you!  With music by all your favorite bands and food trucks from all your favorite restaurants!  Tickets priced only just outside of your comfort zone for how much you want to spend in one weekend!

Just kidding, it's a disease name (drinking all beer and eating no food means lots of free water intake but not enough solutes which causes hyponatremia).  But come on, doesn't it sound like a really fun outdoor beer-tasting festival?  And admit it, doesn't part of you sort of wish it was?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh you meant SURGERY?

Me: Have you ever had any surgeries?
Patient: Nope.
Me: Have you ever had any eye problems?
Patient: Yeah, I just had cataract surgery last week.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I was talking with some friends on internal medicine the other day and complaining (naturally, because what other type of conversation is there?) about the traffic that morning, and another friend on surgery was like, "Really? At 5 this morning, 280 was totally clear."  It got me thinking about the pros and cons about the different rotations. 

In terms of call schedule and hours, surgery is obviously the worst (helloooo 5 am).  But you got the best parking spots, it took you half the time to get to the hospital, and you got to wear scrubs every. single. day.  Ob/gyn was the second worst (helloooo night float), but you also got to wear scrubs every day - except for your week of outpatient clinic when your hours were 9-5 but you had to dress professionally.

Now for internal medicine, there are no overnights.  But you are on call every fourth day (weekends included) which more or less means you stay till 8pm and admit all the new patients for the day.  You are expected to dress professionally in the hospital, but on your call days you are allowed to wear scrubs. 

...Is anyone else sensing a pattern here?  Being allowed to wear scrubs is obviously a consolation prize for having a crappy day.  And it's totally effective!  "Sorry you have to be at the hospital for all of the daylight hours, but at least you get to wear pajamas!"  #Winning!

consolation prize
By the end of surgery, I was so excited to put on real clothes again - it was like a full two months of never wearing pants without a drawstring, and that can get depressing.  But now that I have to dress up almost every day, getting to wear scrubs and sneakers makes call days so so much more bearable.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Technical Talk

A patient not too much older than me had been having erectile dysfunction, and his testosterone level was in the normal but low range, and he asked the doctor if he should be prescribed some testosterone. 

Doctor: Testosterone doesn't help with your erection but it does with the dirty talk, the dirty thoughts - if you know what I mean.
Patient: You mean sex drive?
Doctor: Sure, yeah, that.

The doctor was also trying to convince him to lose weight (more fat tissue --> more estrogen --> negative feedback on LH/FSH --> less testosterone) and told him if he lost 30 pounds he would become an unstoppable animal, and that girls would start calling him "The Animal."

...Meanwhile, I sat awkwardly in the corner typing the patient's vitals into the EMR.