About Me

I started a blog because it's clearly the cool and trendy thing to do these days, and I'm nothing if not cool and trendy.  I like to think I'm somewhat amusing (do you get it? the title of the blog shows I'm a med student AND it's like the beginning of a joke - am I clever, or am I clever?), and hope that you'll find me amusing too!  If you don't, that's ok too, but you clearly have no sense of humor and you probably enjoy things like baby massacres and drowning puppies.  But, you know, to each his own.  Live and let live.

I grew up in NJ and I go to medical school in NJ, in fact at New Jersey Medical School, now officially part of Rutgers (but still not the same as Robert Wood Johnson - different medical school, although also part of Rutgers).  I went to undergrad in the Midwest and I lived in NYC for a year before medical school pretending that I was a regular person with a regular person's schedule.

 I'd love to share more details about my personal life on the blog, but I'm not so sure the people I interact with regularly would appreciate that so much (just because I like to make fun of myself publicly on the internet doesn't mean everyone does, I get it).  So take what you can get.  I also would never ever give anyone medical advice at this point in my career, and certainly not on a blog (jeeze, come on) so don't take anything I say as medical advice.  Also in case you ever see a story on here that seems even somewhat related to a patient, assume EVERY SINGLE DETAIL has been changed.  No HIPPA-non-compliance here, thankyouverymuch.

I have a love-hate relationship with NJ, and with medical school.  This blog is all about those two relationships.  Mainly the med school one though.