Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A is for Anatomy. And for Awesome.

Anyone that has spoken to me in the last few weeks knows that we finally started anatomy here at NJMS. And by anatomy, I also mean histology, embryology, and cell biology because they're all part of one big class called ACE ("Is that stressful," you ask, "having so many different classes all rolled up into one?" noooo why would that be stressful? i'mnotstressedreallyi'mnotstressed - why would you ask that?! do i sound stressed?)

No but seriously, I love anatomy. I finally feel like a real med student. In fact, it is so exactly how I've always imagined it would be that I don't even feel like I'm a med student; I feel like I'm in a movie pretending to be a first year med student taking anatomy.

But, like all things in life (just call me Positive Polly), there is a downside. Jesus. H. Christ. It smells so bad (it = everything). Putting on my scrubs yesterday actually took two tries because the first time I attempted putting the shirt on I almost threw up and couldn't get it over my head. The second time I learned my lesson and held my breath until it was all the way on. What's funny is that in the anatomy lab itself, the smell of formaldehyde doesn't bother me. It's really just the scrubs and lab coats and the lockers we keep them all in. I'm not kidding, you would pass out if you tried locking yourself in one of our lockers - I don't know why you would ever do that though, so it's probably not something you should worry too much about.

One other teensy little downside is the insane amount of work we now have. Luckily, it is all SO INTERESTING. That is not sarcastic. I literally love everything we're learning. Even histology, and that's incredibly boring. I even enjoy having to stay up late to study sometimes. OK fine, that last part is obviously a lie - I still hate staying up late, even for anatomy.

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