Saturday, January 29, 2011


Here are the answers to last week's Muggle Medicine vs. Magic quiz!

1. Locomotor mortis - "Leg-Locker Curse" - locks together the legs of the victim, making him or her unable to walk.

2. Redactum skullus - a hex that shrinks the target's head

3. Septum transversum - embyronic tissue that becomes the diaphragm and other important abdominal structures

4. Furnunculus - a spell that causes the victim to break out in boils

5. Foramen magnum - a large opening in the base of the skull through which the medulla oblongota (among other things) is transmitted

6. Nervus spinosus - a branch of the mandibular nerve

7. Cistem aperio - a spell that opens a large crate or chest

8. Bulbospongiosus - an erectile muscle in the perineum

9. Auricularis - pertaining to the ear

10. Homenum revelio - a spell that reveals human presences in the surrounding environment

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