Friday, September 9, 2011

Procrastination Part II

This is the way my normal study habits work:

Do two minutes of work, check facebook and get annoyed that no one's posted anything new since the last time I checked, do two more minutes of work, check facebook again and get annoyed about what that one kid posted, do two more minutes of work, check facebook again and get annoyed that no one's posted anything new (not even that one annoying kid who ALWAYS posts things??), do FIVE WHOLE minutes of work, then reward myself by checking facebook, twitter, NYMag, Daily Beast, Perez Hilton, any med school blogs, facebook again, twitter again, go back to work and start the cycle over again.

How do I break this vicious cycle of spending all day in front of my computer and getting nothing done? I wish I could say self-control. Because one would think that I would have at least a small amount of that. Don't deceive yourself though, I don't.

I go to the study room on the 8th floor of our building because for the first two weeks of school I didn't know the wireless password so I had NO CHOICE but to actually do work for longer intervals than just five minutes. CRAZY, right?! And yet, I still found ways to procrastinate. For example by continuously counting how many pages there are left to go over in a particular lecture. Which is obviously really important considering at the bottom of every page of slides it says "Page X of Y Pages." I'm not kidding - I think I spend equal amounts of time counting the physical pages and actually going over the content in those pages.

The no-internet strategy doesn't work for me anymore anyway since someone so rudely shared the password with me last week. Basically I just need someone to sit behind me at all times making fun of how often I stray to a different website so I feel bad about myself and stick to studying.


  1. There are programs you can download on your computer that will inhibit you from accessing sites that you choose for a period of time that you choose. I can't remember the was something like time it!

  2. OMG, if I had access to the social networking/media when I was in medical school 10 (short) years ago, I don't think I would have gotten ANYTHING done!!