Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bonus Book Review!

As much as I usually would like to hate people who do similar things to what I do but much better and earlier than me, I happen to love Dr. Fizzy McFizz, the anonymous (unless that's her very unfortunate real name...?) blogger from  Her posts are always so honest and relatable.  AND she also draws cartoons!  What a great way for those who are too lazy/busy to read words to still get in their medical humor for the day!  On her blog, though, you would have to sift through alllll her many posts to be able to find each cartoon.  LUCKILY she recently collected all her cartoons and made them into a book for easy access - and - spoiler alert - it only costs $12.99 on Amazon (although there is one used copy for $999... I would suggest just going for the cheaper new copy).  A perfect gift for your cartoon-loving, humor-appreciating med-student friend, just saying.

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