Sunday, June 3, 2012


...was awesome.  Apparently I'm really bad at writing blog posts while on break though.  I've been asked lots of times how I find time to keep up with the blog throughout school, but I'm really much better about it the busier I am - hmmm, a form of procrastination perhaps?

For my ten days off after Step 1, I rented a car and drove up a good chunk of the California coast.  It was so so beautiful, and I got really lucky with the weather which always makes everything better.  I was nervous because my driving and directional skills are slightly sub-par, and I was also spending four days completely on my own (I visited friends on either end in LA and San Fran, and spent the middle days alone).  But it was great, and I loved it, and I loved relaxing after Step 1!  Not studying is so fun!!  Who knew?

Highway 1.  I must have pulled over every 3 minutes to take pics.

I actually went hiking!  This was in Pfieffer Big Sur State Park

Proof.  I hiked.  I'm super athletic.
I stayed in Monterey, but went to Carmel for the beach and candy store

Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.  75th birthday!

I start my surgery rotation tomorrow, and I am pretttttty nervous.  I don't thiiiink that I am interested in surgery, but I am obviously keeping an open mind, and we shall see what happens!  Hopefully as third year continues, I'll still find time to keep everyone updated.

In the meantime, all med school and pre-med readers should like The New Physician on facebook ( - it's AMSA's magazine and in my own humble opinion, it is awesome (full disclosure, I'm on the Editorial Advisory Board - but still, it's awesome).  The page is a little empty right now, but updates will be coming!

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