Friday, September 21, 2012

Adventures in Nomenclature: Jersey Finger

When first reading about the Jersey Finger in the surgery review book (I know, I'm still stuck on surgery, but the disorders just have some great names), I thought maybe it was an injury that had to do with the middle finger, and that it was named after the beautiful state of New Jersey due to Jerseyans' (Jersey-ites?) propensity for cursing people on the roads.

Turns out that's false.  It's called the Jersey Finger because it's the injury that occurs when someone playing football (or I guess any sport?) gets their finger caught on another player's jersey as that player is running away, thus causing injury to the flexor digitorum profundus tendon and keeping the finger in forced extension.  Less fun, and also less relevant to me.

photo credit
But come on, if this happened to the middle finger, wouldn't you think it would be a cursing reference?  

Also, I'm bad at computers (espeeeeeecially for someone who calls herself a blogger) and I have no idea how to flip that image so it's not upside down.  Help?


  1. Brilliant, though I was hoping it was some kind of Jersey-shore reference!

  2. I'm going through jersey finger right now. Check out my blog for a true, first-person account of what the experience is like, beginning to end: