Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday vs. Monday Exams

An argument as old as the five-day school week - is it better to have an exam on Friday and be able to enjoy the rest of the weekend, or is it better to push the same exam until Monday and use the weekend for extra study time?

Most of our anatomy exams were on Fridays, and I can attest to the fact that it is a wonderful feeling to have nothing hanging over your head for the weekend, knowing there's no work you should be doing (except getting ahead for the next unit, for those who are either super motivated or super self-loathing).

Our physiology exams will be on Mondays, which at the moment does not seem like such a bad thing. Especially because at this moment is when I would be taking our first physiology exam if they were on Fridays. Assuming you don't lose your mind first, extra days with nothing else going on definitely help in preparing adequately for exams (or better phrasing might be: not having those extra days with nothing else going on pretty much ensures that you won't be adequately prepared for exams).

The solution is obvious. Exams on Mondays so you have the weekend to study, but then we get Tuesday and Wednesday off to celebrate! I think that sounds both reasonable and completely feasible. Who's with me?

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