Saturday, February 23, 2013

Addendum to Theory of Relativity

Last night (Friday), I went out to dinner with some friends, and one of my friends is on his surgery rotation and was on call Saturday (today).  For those who have not gone through third year of medical school: when you are on call on the weekend, it means you show up in the morning for rounds and stay overnight through rounds the next morning. 

We were debating how much sake we wanted to order and my friend who was on call the next morning said, "I can drink as much as I want, I don't have to be in until SEVEN tomorrow!"  As if that was an awesome time to have to be somewhere on a Saturday morning.

And so I absolutely stand by my post that everything is relative, and seven can be awful or amazing depending on what time you woke up the mornings leading up to it.

....says the girl who wakes up at 8 am on Saturdays to update her blog.

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