Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I am sorry, but does Dr. Guido Fanconi need two major (and completely separate and unrelated) diseases named after him?  No, no he does not.  That is greedy.  I don't care if he was a brilliant clinician as well as hospital administrator and discovered like eleven separate syndromes - one eponym should be more than satisfactory.

so smug

And noOooo this post is not out of bitterness because an attending told me to read about Fanconi Anemia and I accidentally read about Fanconi Syndrome, and then knew close to nothing about Fanconi Anemia the next day.

....Ok, so maybe it's a teeny tiny bit out of bitterness.  Geeeeze.  Shut up.


  1. LOL this made me laugh. I remember getting a uworld or kaplan question wrong because of this. Hopefully the attending was understanding?

  2. Yeah it turned out fine, I just felt kind of silly. Oh well...