Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Welcome to my blog!

I planned on starting this in August, at the beginning of my med school adventure, butttt turns out that I'm lazy (surprise!), so here we are mid-September and most of you know NOTHING ABOUT MY LIFE. The horror! How are you all even getting through each day?? But don't panic, that will soon change.

First I'm going to tell you guys a secret. I don't really want to be a doctor. The last five years of my life have all been a ploy, Joaquin Phoenix style, so that I could get the inside scoop on medical school life and eventually create an investigatory documentary (based of course, on the investigatory blog in front of you). OK fine, I'm kidding; Joaquin Phoenix's rap career was obviously meant in earnest and not as a hoax.

my inspiration

So I figured I'd pretend that med school is something cool that people normally blog about, like going abroad, or... going abroad, or I don't know, traveling abroad, and write about things I see and people I meet. While I'm actually quite close (maybe too close?) to most of my family and friends, med school is still a new adventure for me, and one that most people I know aren't experiencing. I think that qualifies as enough of an excuse to be self-centered and to think that people might be interested in reading the things I have to say. So I hope for your sake and for mine that I have time to do interesting things other than studying! (ok, more for my sake than yours, because you can always stop reading if I get boring.. I however have to actually live it as my life)


  1. Wow, I read all the way to the beginning! I LOLed often, keep up the hilarious work! I hope I'll join you in a while and walk into a bar...(get it? 'cause I'll be a med student? No? Ok.). Also, completely with you on the oxford comma. Also also, could not fault your grammar, spelling, or punctuation once (although you're not very adventurous with the latter) - quite a feat.
    Love from Nom in London xxxxx

  2. Wow, thanks!!! Good luck on your own med school adventure, keep in touch!

  3. Will do, Elena! Xxx
    P.s. What's your email? Drop me a line at