Monday, July 23, 2012


At the end of each rotation, the chief resident gives us a number grade and also makes a few short comments about us.  We then get to go over what's said about us with the clerkship director.  One of my comments was that I present information concisely, and am able to get important patient information across efficiently.  As part of our evaluation, we also had to hand in two patient write-ups to the clerkship director, who said my HPI was "concise and well-written."

When I was going over my evaluation with the clerkship director, I actually LOLed (that's right, I laughed out loud) and told him I've never ever in my life been called concise.  Verbose, repetitive, "uses too much flowery language," loquacious, circumlocutory, magniloquent, uses too many details, annoyingly repetitive, tells really long stories, seriously repetitive, "please just get to the damn point" those are phrases I'm used to hearing about myself.  Concise is a new one.  Maybe I'm maturing?

Confession.  To my knowledge, no one has ever actually called me circumlocutory.  Or magniloquent for that matter.  But I prefer those to "annoyingly talkative."  But seriously, try having a conversation with me after a couple beers and tell me I'm not loquacious. 

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