Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sucks for Them?

This morning, I walked to my car (for which I pay a hefty sum to park in a garage next to my apartment building), and was a little annoyed when I got there to see shattered glass by the driver's side door, because, well, that's annoying.  Obviously, at 4:30 in the morning (and pre-coffee, I usually drink it on the way to the hospital), I was not on my A game, and it took me a second to realize that the reason there was shattered glass on the floor was because I had no driver's seat window anymore... because it was all on the floor and on the driver's seat in millions of teeny tiny little pieces.

think of all the sea glass this could make!
Why would anyone target my car, on the third floor, full of dents from some unhappy run-ins with garbage dumpsters, scratches from getting keyed in St. Louis (apparently I have an enemy somewhere out there), and two screws sticking up from the trunk where the spoiler used to be (don't even ask)?  Well, I did have a package in my backseat - it's been sitting there for about four weeks now, and it's a bra I ordered from Nordstrom, but I've just been too lazy to bring it upstairs.  The garage owners said two other cars were also broken into last night, and the guy (or girl, I'm not sexist here) clearly knew what he was doing because he avoided all the cameras.  He probably thought my package was something like a laptop or iPad I had ordered.

So my first thought (after my initial crying session obviously, because I'm a mature adult) was:

sucks for them, they thought they were gonna find a sweet laptop, but all they found was a measly bra (which they left for me, thanks).  But then I remembered that it still definitely sucks more for me.

Also my car is chock-full of empty coffee cups and granola bars - I can't believe the thieves didn't want any of those!!


  1. ugh. i'm sorry. we just moved, and woke up one day last week to find a brick through the windshield of our [only] car. apparently our downstairs neighbor was none too pleased with our request to please stop blaring music at 11pm so we productive members of society can sleep and get up at 6 for work. =/ at least, in our area, the cost of replacing the window was much less than we expected -- hope it's the same for you!

  2. that's terrible!! it was definitely less than i expected, just a pain in the butt.