Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best. Day. Ever.

Sometimes med school feels like the absolute worst thing in the world. And sometimes it is THE BEST. When I'm an old lady and a very distinguished physician, if someone asks me to recount my favorite day in med school, it will always be yesterday.

It started out as a pretty average day, maybe even slightly worse than average on account of the misty rain and attendance-required small group activity. But on my way to class, a nearby truck full of radioactive material spilled all over, transforming me into Alex Mack and changing my life forever.

Me! Just kidding.

That would have been in my ideal world. Second best scenario though really did happen. Student Council held a FREE build your own sundae event after class! FREE ICE CREAM! That on its own would have made up for this entire sucky year of being in med school (or at least the entire sucky Monday afternoon). Ice cream! Gallons of it. And so many toppings. And cupcakes. And whipped cream! And because I'm a 5 year old with no self control, I had seconds!

But that's not even the end of it - there's more!

Student council also raffled off some NJMS gear. I almost didn't enter the raffle because I was actually too lazy to walk over to the person handing out the raffle tickets. Stop judging, he seemed really far away at the time. And I was tired. And I never win raffles, so what was the point? Anyway, HE ended up walking over to ME to give me my FREE raffle ticket. Is that service, or what?

So moving on, there were five winners. The first four got to choose between a t-shirt and a mug. And the last person got to choose anything they wanted! As the numbers were called one by one, my hopes (which weren't very high to begin with), started to fall. But thennnnn [pause to build suspense] ...

I was the fifth winner! Me! A winner! And I totally deserved to win, because I obviously worked so hard. Plus, I was probably being rewarded for all the snarky comments about winning I had made to the people in my immediate surroundings just before the winners were announced.

And now the moment you've all been ween waiting for - check out my awesome new track jacket:

In my excitement at being a winner, I got a little awkward (shocking, I know, because I'm never awkward) and my English skills took a bit of a dive. Soooo it's possible that a few people may have laughed at me and my reaction a little bit. But whateva, they're just jealous.

To top it all off, a few people around me were like, "Blog post tomorrow?!" And guess what that means - people read my blog! Hiiiiii readers :)

Was that the best day ever, or was that the best day ever?


  1. I heard there was mango and pistachio :'(

  2. and vanilla and cookies&cream and mint chip and chocolate! we'll have to have another ice cream party when you're done with the boards!