Tuesday, May 31, 2011


At 9am today we have our neuroscience shelf exam. Afterwards, I plan on going out to lunch, then coming back and taking care of all the things I've ignored for the past two weeks - like figuring out when my summer jobs actually start, responding to emails/phone calls, packing up my room, etc. And then tomorrow I can start studying for our Behavioral Science shelf exam which is on Friday.

Right after Friday's exam is the accepted students luncheon for NEXT YEAR'S CLASS. I can't believe it. Last year I remember being so envious of all the first-years who came to the luncheon after they finished their last exam. Now that will be us! This year sometimes feels like it flew by, in the sense that I cannot believe I'll actually be done with my first year of medical school in just a few days. But at the same time, MGM (biochem) and life before I could complain about Anatomy seems like a decade ago.

Assuming I don't spontaneously combust this week and nothing goes horribly wrong on these last two shelf exams, the next time I post will be as a rising second-year student.

Well that's a little bit of a lie, because I'll probably write ahead of time, and even publish the post before I go to the exam, but I will be that much closer to being a second-year!

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