Friday, June 3, 2011


Last summer when I took a month off between work and starting school, I ordered a LOT of books from Amazon to read. Turns out a month goes way faster than I thought, and I didn't have time to read them all. I totally forgot about them until I was home for Memorial Day Weekend and saw them just waiting for me in my closet. This summer, I'm excited to be social, to see some of my friends I haven't gotten to see much, I'm excited to spend more time with my family, I'm excited to go to the beach, to sit at the pool, I'm excited to not be studying all the time, maybe even to be hungover once without feeling guilty. But really, most of all, I am SO excited to read books.

Now just to finish this exam, promote AMSA at the accepted students luncheon, finish packing, clean out our kitchen... and then it's summer time!

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