Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Old City

Last Wednesday (Tuesday?) before class, Jenna and I took our friendly Ecovia bus 15 stops to the Centro Historico, or Old City. Lonely Planet has a walking tour of the area, but as the bus stop was right in the middle of the tour, we skipped the first half. We´ll have to go back and finish it another day. It´s a really hilly section of town, and coupled with a weak breakfast, we were quickly exhausted. It may have been the altitude, or it may be because we are pathetically out of shape. It´s impossible to say for sure. The highlight of the tour was a basilica, which has turtles and iguanas sticking out from the side instead of gargoyles. We climbed up to the bell tower for a great view of the city - our first real adventure!

the basilica


more climbing....

and the view!

After the basilica, we went on the oddest tour I have ever been on. In a park there's an observatory, so we wanted to just sort of peek our heads in and see the big telescope at the top. Instead we walked around with a guide who literally just pointed to (labeled) objects and said what they were. And I mean literally as in literally. "This is a telephone. This is a calculator. This is a more advanced calculator. These are books. This is a telescope." Super interesting, really...

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