Monday, July 25, 2011

Extra Activities

Last week we were roped into some activities through the school.

First we took a cooking class, which was actually a lot of fun - we learned how to make ceviche, which is great because we've been eating ceviche pretty much at least once a day and never had any idea what was actually in it. We wrote down the recipe and this week, if we actually get around to it, we plan on practicing so that we can make it at home. The recipe serves 25 people though, sooooo either we need to make some more friends, or we'll have to cut the recipe down.

We also took a salsa class through the school on Thursday after classes. We were all pretty terrible, I have to be honest. But it was fun though, and good exercise! There were more boys than girls in the class, so the boys got to take breaks but the girls had to dance the whole time. Exhuasting!

This week we promised we would play soccer with the school, but we'll see if that actually happens. If we do, it's tomorrow after class. If there's one thing I'm worse at than dancing, it's sports (um, or singing. Then sports). So we'll see what happens.

One night last week we also went to an arcade in the mall. It was one of the most fun nights we've had in Ecuador. We went with our roommate Ben. First we ate in the food court - a delicious meal of Taco Bell for me and Ben, and a hamburger for Jenna. Very Ecuadorian, we know (however, there's this lunch place called Carlos that everyone goes to for lunch every day because it's a pre fixe meal of $2, and is super Ecuadorian - so we decided one Ecuadorian meal a day is more than sufficient). We wanted to bowl (so cheap! $6 for a lane for a whole hour!), but there was over an hour wait, so we want to the arcade instead. This mall has EVERYTHING. We played some dance dance revolution, guitar hero, some drums game, skee ball, racing games, all of it. And it was so much cheaper than in the US. And so fun!

And most importantly, every time we go to the mall, we can sing Robin Sparkles. If you don't get that reference, you immediately need to start watching How I Met Your Mother.

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