Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nail Update

My nails have been TERRIBLE.  I used to think I just bit my nails all the time, and it wasn't really a stress-related thing.  But it's definitely both.  I do bite my nails all the time, but I also definitely destroy them with a lot more vengeance when I'm stressed.  Also sometimes studying is so boring, so boring that biting my nails becomes more interesting than anything else.  I've seen comics about how even staring at walls suddenly becomes interesting when trying to study.  Well biting my nails is my staring at walls.

You are definitely not getting a picture update because they are gross, and I can barely look at them, nevertheless take a picture of them for the world (yes, the world, that's how popular I think I am) to see.  I did buy a bouncy ball at Duane Reade yesterday and here's to hoping that playing with it will help me stop at least a little (if nothing else, it should really make my downstairs neighbor become more fond of me).  Otherwise maybe I should invest in a nicotine patch.

my savior?

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