Thursday, April 26, 2012

Practice Questions

When I get a question wrong but I understood the concept, I give myself credit in my head.  "Ok, ok, you forgot that gentamicin was an aminoglycoside, but you totally knew that aminoglycosides cause ototoxicity, and that's what the point of the question was."  So let's assume I got that right.  In fact let's just assume that the 55% I got on the most recent question bank is closer to an 80% (just to be safe).

But in the opposite situation when I have no freaking idea what the question is even asking, and I happen to blindly guess the right answer, I totally still believe I deserved to get that question right, and not only do I certainly not lower my score in my head, but I even give myself an extra pat on the back for my clearly superior random guessing skills.

With the USMLE World questions, they also tell you what percentage of people picked each answer choice.  So if only 30% of people picked the correct answer, and say 40% of people chose the same incorrect answer that I did - well, I get credit for that question too (in my head), because oooobviously the majority can't be wrong (yeah, yeah 40% isn't a majority, you know what I mean though).


  1. I love that I have the exact same thought processes when I do questions for my finals! Finding someone else that thinks like this makes me feel a little less weird. I wish they marked the papers on this basis.

  2. They totally should grade them this way!!