Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Am I Unethical?

It's one thing to get a question wrong that most people get right when the question is simply asking for a fact.  You can always defense-mechanism it away (that's a verb) by telling yourself things like, "Oh I haven't studied that section that well yet" or, "Oops I misread the question."

But last night I got an ethics question wrong that 78% of people got right!!  An ethics question!  And apparently it was obvious enough that a vast majority of people knew the answer.  What does this say about me??


  1. well now i want to know what the question was!

  2. It was actually a religion question - how would you respond to a patient who asks you to pray (just before they enter surgery) if you don't have the same religious beliefs? Apparently you don't tell them that you don't have the same beliefs...

  3. The correct response is: "There is no god. Only doctors."