Monday, May 7, 2012

Crunch Time

Well I'm in the airport in Dulles, waiting for our late aircraft.  They say we're leaving at 7:05, but as it's 6:52 and there's no plane at the gate, I don't really believe that.  At least there's free internet in the airport here, unlike at Newark.  I'm on my way back from an amazing weekend with AMSA (American Medical Student Association).  More about that another time though.  The weekend has been a little overshadowed by traveling woes. 

I'm now 9 days away from Step 1 and I'm definitely starting to enter panic mode.  I was supposed to get home last night, but because (I'm pretty sure) United has a personal vendetta against me, I'm still here outside of DC.  In terms of studying, I've now gotten through First Aid and all the UWorld questions once, so I now have the rest of the study time to cram everything in a second time.

So here's my plan for the rest of the study time.  Every morning, 200 mixed UWorld questions in test-taking atmosphere (meaning timed blocks of 46 questions, not looking at any answers until I finish all of them).  Lunch while I go through the answers.  Followed by 4 hours of review (2-3 chapters of First Aid each day depending on how weak in the subjects I am - I'm looking at you, GI).  Break for a run, shower, and dinner.  Then 100 mixed questions from Kaplan (since I haven't done those yet, and I want to make sure I do some new questions).  Then half hour to an hour of flipping through pharmacology flash cards before bed.

This strict of a schedule is probably something I should have been doing all along for a maximal score, but I don't really think it would have been sustainable for me.  But hopefully I can keep it up for just over a week.  And then vacation!  And then surgery rotation.

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