Friday, April 29, 2011

Med Student Stereotypes #2

Stereotype #2: Med Students (and Professors) Are Obsessed with Acronyms

This has been obvious from the get-go. Just look at our first-year course names: MGM, ACE, Physio (fine, not really an acronym - but it was formerly known as IHF when histo was part of the course), and MBB.

To me though, something doesn't become a stereotype that I'm ready to mock until it's been carried to an extreme level. This has finally happened. The med school version of Inception. An acronym within an acronym within an acronym.

The other day we were introduced to something called a SNARE protein.
The definition of a SNARE protein: a SNAP Receptor protein.

Ok, well that means nothing unless you know what SNAP is.
The definition of SNAP? Soluble NSF Attachment Protein

Again, means nothing until you know what NSF stands for.
So what is NSF? N-ethylmaleimide Sensitive Fusion protein.

And just like Inception, when you finally get to see all the levels - it still makes no sense!

(No, seriously, I really don't get limbo...)

see stereotype #1 here

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