Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Now Return to Our Normal Posting Schedule

Back to med school and our new class: Mind, Brain, and Behavior. We med students have been completely hoodwinked by the administration regarding this class. "Hoodwinked?" you ask. "How so?"

Well, for the first time since we started school, we are actually taking only one class at a time. No Physician's Core, and no Preceptor - hooray! While this class isn't easy, we've heard from the second-years that it's easiER (read: more manageable) because of the fact that we don't have another class hanging over our heads, or any other obligations. An end-of-the-year present to the med students from the people who make our curriculum.

Well, my response to that is: LIES.

They make us believe they are doing us a favor by giving us only "one" class to focus on. Why is that in quotes? Because Mind, Brain, and Behavior is 100% two classes hiding under the guise of one misleading title.

The first class is neuroscience (encompassing neuro-anatomy and neuro-physiology), and the second is psychology. Let me present to you the evidence that these are in fact two completely separate courses.

Exhibit A: We now have 5-6 hours of lecture a day, up from 2-3 during physiology. Double the lectures because of double the courses? You decide.

Exhibit B: Two completely different sets of professors for the two classes.

And, Exhibit C, the most damning piece of evidence: They are color-coded differently on the master schedule - neuroscience yellow, psychology green. Different colors = different courses. Any Type-A, obsessive-compulsive schedule-maker knows that.

Exhibit C

So while it is definitely nice to be done for the year with all the fun doctor-y classes, I would just like all our med school administrators to know that you're not fooling anyone - we see right through you, and we know that we are still taking two classes right now. Hoodwinked, my butt. We know what's up.

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