Saturday, April 23, 2011


I know what you're all thinking: WHERE ARE YOUR BLOG POSTS FROM LAST WEEK? It's in caps because I imagine that all of my loyal readers have been hysterical and frantic all week looking for them.

I have no excuse for abandoning you for a week, except that I was completely and totally (yes, both completely AND totally) lacking in inspiration. I didn't know what to write about, and I didn't have the energy to write about it.

Anyway, please forgive me, those who actually noticed that I didn't update all week. And those that didn't notice, please be better about checking the blog every Tuesday and Friday in the future - your assumed apology for not keeping up is accepted, although somewhat grudgingly.

forgive me?

(Idea totally stolen from my aunt and cousin who used to always make this face at each other, and it was so cute, even cuter than Puss-in-Boots himself)

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