Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quotes from a Physiology Professor

First, some background info:
-Anatomy is the study of the STRUCTURE of organs
-Physiology is the study of the FUNCTION of organs

The setting:
In a physiology lecture last week, immediately after the professor finished explaining each different type of cell in the pituitary gland and which hormone each type of cell releases.

Now, imagine the quote being spoken in a bitter English accent:

"Did the anatomists try to tell you all that already? Yeah, they like to tell you about function because the anatomy is so boring ...[pause]... Don't tell them I said that, especially Dr. DeFouw."

Whoops, sorry, but this is the internet age. Let the inter-departmental battle between anatomy and physiology begin!

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  1. Our DR lecturer always talks about "clinical correlations' for anatomical structures - Invariably function!